Inspiring women

in retirement

Women who are about to retire or just retired are beginning to live the best half of their lives, uncertainty always unsettles us, but the anticipation of what is to come is exciting.


Retirement is a series of transitions, rather than a single event. It’s not the same from beginning to end. There are many overlapping changes that form the overall transition process.


Previous images of retiring and retirement have changed in the last decade, in the 21st century retirement is becoming more loosely coupled with age and pensions. It is becoming less associated with giving up working.


I offer a day seminar to business and employers, helping you to help women retired or those about to retire.

I would like to invite women who have retired or are about to retire to join me in a day seminar to share experiences, challenges and triumphs that I have encountered since retiring, helping you to look forward and not back, to a happy, healthy, fulfilling and financially secure retirement.

Golden Age


I believe this is a golden age for retirement and would welcome the opportunity to share my experiences, challenges and triumphs, encouraging women to look forward with confidence to a happy, healthy, fulfilling and financially secure retirement.

Embrace Retirement


I did not expect to embrace retirement, but I did. I have found that society now has a much more positive and welcoming attitude to the mature person. There wasn’t a ‘do it yourself’ manual, so I have written my own.


There is ‘no one fits all’ formula but if my advice is adapted to one’s own unique circumstances, then retirement should be the best time of your life.

Looking Forward


Retirement to me conjured up ageing, filling me with apprehension and shock, it didn’t seem attractive after 21 years in a very satisfying and enjoyable job.


The concept of only looking forward and not back seemed hard to adjust to, how would I spend my time, no more pay cheques, what did the future hold?



After, retirement, some women struggle with feelings of depression or sadness and can’t lift themselves up no matter how strong their efforts. Reassure yourself that your anxieties are a temporary setback and know that you will find a way to enjoy an emotionally balanced life, because ‘I have done it’.

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“Coming up to retirement

 should be a time of looking

 forward, of planning and

 to realise this is your time

 and most importantly,

 time to enjoy life”

Roz Crampton

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